17 June 2016
Conceiving a EU-wide unemployment insurance - Seminar with Étienne Farvaque
Étienne Farvaque, a professor at Université de Lille and an Associate Fellow at CIRANO, gave on Friday, June 17th, at 10 am, at CIRANO a seminar entitled “Drowned by Numbers? Designing an EU-Wide Unemployment Insurance”.  The severity of the recent crisis has given rise to several...
01 June 2016
Cocktail for Claude Montmarquette
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28 April 2016
Workshop on long-term care
In collaboration with CIRPÉE and Industrielle Alliance Research Chair on the Economics of Demographic Change, CIRANO will hold a workshop on The Design and Evaluation of Long-Term Care Policy on April 28-29, 2016 (program). For more information, please contact...
19 April 2016
Living Healthy in Old Age: Dreams, Realities and Consequences
The School of Public Policy of the University of Calgary presents in partnership with CIRANO in Ottawa on April 19, 2016 a symposium for those interested in Health care, seniors issues, public policy, finance and financial planning. Topics include the outlook for longer working lives,...


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