24 September 2015
Harvard Club - Special event with Henry Minztberg
Professor Henry Minztberg comes to present the conclusions of his book Rebalancing Society and challenges facing our society. On invitation only.
23 September 2015
Avant Garde
CIRANO, in partnership with the young and dynamic group Avant Garde, has the pleasure of welcoming Jérémi Lavoie (CAR2GO) and Jean-Nicolas Guillemette (UBER).For more information:
21 September 2015
Current issues in international trade
This workshop will allow participants to share information and views on current issues of international trade, the role of China in this context and Quebec strenghts. (On invitation only)
16 August 2015
René Garcia’s 65th Anniversary Conference
René GarciaProgram: On the eve of the World Econometrics Congress, CIRANO is pleased to host on August 16 a one-day conference to honour René Garcia’s 65th anniversary. Aside from his contributions to econometrics and to the field of...


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