21 March 2017
CIRANO presents its Baromètre to a delegation from ENSAM
CIRANO receives a French delegation of 18 people from ENSAM (École nationale supérieure d’arts et métiers), who is doing a mission in Montreal on risk management. Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin and Ingrid Peignier will present the CIRANO Barometer on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 from 2:30 pm to...
17 March 2017
Systemness: The Next Frontier for Integrated Health Care
Systemness is a term increasingly used to describe the desired future state of complex healthcare delivery systems — delivering patient-focused, seamless and high-quality care across the many parts of the system to maximize value for patients. It is about healthcare that is connected, smart,...
22 February 2017
Meeting of the 2017 Cohort of Avant-Garde@CIRANO
The 2017 Cohort of Avant-Garde@CIRANO met on February 22, 2017 on "Labor Market Change in the 4th Industrial Revolution Context".
21 February 2017
La pratique financière des contrats de régulation économique : cas des aéroports français
Présentation de Dominique Jacquet, fellow invité CIRANO et professeur à l’École des Ponts, au CIRANO à 10 h 30 le 21 février 2017 (sur invitation seulement).


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