Poles and major initiatives

CIRANO pole on Quebec economy modelization

A pole bringing together researchers and practitioners promoting the exchange between government modellers (mainly from the Ministry of Finance – MFQ – but also from other ministries or organizations such as the Institut de la statistique du Québec – ISQ), CIRANO and others, to allow the researchers to better understand the needs of the government, and enable the government end users to identify which models (existing or to be developed) would meet their needs:

  • Assess and evaluate the strengths and limitations of the existing models, with the government, at CIRANO and with others organizations;
  • Monitor international modeling best practices;
  • Support the government in making modeling choices (types of model, programming language, etc.) to meet specific needs;
  • Promote transfer of modeling expertise to government personnel;
  • Support continuous improvement of existing models;
  • Proceed with the development of new models for the government and/or CIRANO.

CIRANO pole on the socio-economic impacts of digital innovation and AI


The changes involved in the use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) touch all spheres of society. Québec society must quickly prepare and adapt to this new context. In addition to being experienced on various issues, CIRANO position themselves as a key research center for the study of socio-economic impacts of digital transformation supporting the Quebec government and organizations in taking appropriate decisions in this new economic and technological context.

  1. Economic development and territorial challenges : Economic impact assessment for Montreal and Quebec, regional development, competitiveness clusters, international connectivity, role of universities and colleges around regional innovation ecosystems, etc.
  2. Private and public organizations transformation : SME transformation support programs, adoption level of new technologies by Québec companies, business retention, competitive analysis, Canadian and foreign innovation and commercialization of technologies, adaptation of the government in its relationships with the citizen, taxation and dues, etc.
  3. Social impacts : Business support for the continuous training of workers, attraction of women in the new technologies sector, wage polarization, accessibility, inequalities, social acceptability, level of understanding of AI and big data by the general public, experimental approach for the associated behavioral analysis of economy of sharing and digital technologies, etc.

Roles of the Pole

  • Ensure a link between CIRANO’s various research themes
  • Link researches and partners to promote the development of multidisciplinary work themes.
  • Ensure a link between multiple organizations, partners or levels of government


  • Ministère de l’Économie de la Science et de l’Innovation (MESI)
  • Commission des Partenaires du Marché du Travail (CPMT)
  • Centre de Recherche Mathématique (CRM)
  • Observatoire international sur les impacts sociétaux de l’AI et du numérique (OIISIAN)
  • Banque Nationale


November 19, 2018 : Theme day


Genevieve Dufour
Project Director & Coordinator, Pole of excellence
Socio-economic impacts – digital transformation in Quebec and innovative public policies
1130 Sherbrooke West, Suite 1400, Montreal (Quebec) H3A 2M8
Telephone : 514 985-4000 extension 3104

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