Our partners: allies and sources of inspiration

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To build a bridge between the business and academic worlds, to develop research programs tailored to these organizations’ needs, and to guide researchers and practitioners into sharing their respective areas of knowledge and experience — this is the essence of CIRANO’s mission.

Partners are key to CIRANO. Whether from the business, government, or academic circles, the partners are members of CIRANO’s board of directors. They contribute to the definition of the scope of its research agenda and sit on the various committees which oversee its activities.

Governmental Partners
University Partners

Academic partners

Being a CIRANO partner means:

  • having preferential access to research groups of the highest quality and widely recognized as being among the best in Quebec and Canada;
  • exchanging with researchers on the main issues of concern to business, while also having the opportunity to commission research projects;
  • contributing to the training of exceptional young talent;
  • having access to workshops, conferences, and discussion forums on subjects of interest and to which world-class researchers are invited.

Other collaborations

Being a partner means believing in the importance of CIRANO, seeking to foster productive social and economic innovations in Quebec, and ensuring the retention of this research potential in the service of our public and private sector decision makers.

Being a partner also means contributing to CIRANO’s funding.

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