Scientific Committee

Roles and responsibilities

The scientific committee is an advisory committee mandated by the executive team to uphold CIRANO’s image by ensuring high quality scientific standards and with the mission of providing reasonable assurance that the following elements are respected:

  1. Support the executive team with the development and coordination of CIRANO’s scientific activities.
  2. Have reasonable assurance that CIRANO’s productions meet the impartiality and scientific rigor required by CIRANO’s mission.
  3. Propose and update research themes which can be used for strategic planning.
    1. Propose and update the annual research programming and ensure its implementation.
    2. Ensure the proper development of research themes under the responsibility of each member of the committee.
  4. Regularly examine and update the current Charter.

The committee may also comment, in its advisory capacity, on any question of a scientific nature for which the executive committee wish to obtain an opinion.