Le Québec économique 10 - Chapitre 10 - La contribution des universités à la mobilité sociale au Québec

This chapter presents a descriptive analysis of the role of Quebec universities in social mobility. Through this analysis, it's possible to observe the graduation rates of undergraduate students by cohort, the distribution of students by parental income quintiles, and the income quintiles of students also by parental income quintiles. We observe an over-representation of students from more affluent backgrounds attending undergraduate programs in Quebec. Bachelor's degree graduation rates are also lower for students from low-income families, while this rate increases with parental income quintile. University graduates are still too young for their employment earnings to be well representative of their permanent income, but we still calculate a transition matrix to measure intergenerational mobility and find that young university graduates have fairly good mobility, at least compared to the population including all levels of education. We conclude by presenting some measures of social mobility at the university level.

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