Economics of education, human capital development, economic mobility, labour market, returns on early childhood investments, intergenerational transmission of income and education


A CIRANO Researcher and Fellow since 2011, Main Researcher of the theme Skills, Catherine Haeck is Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the École des sciences de la gestion of the Université du Québec à Montréal. She is also director of the CIQSS-UQAM-INRS Laboratory, a visiting researcher at the Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS), a member of the Human Capital Research Group, a member of the Research Unit on Children's Psychosocial Maladjustment and researcher affiliated with the Education Policy Research Initiative.

Holding a Ph.D. in Economics from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, her research focuses on the human capital development of children and youth. She has written about universal childcare, prenatal nutrition programs, parental leave reforms, and school reforms. Her current research focuses on the impact of class size reduction on student outcomes, and also the impacts of universal childcare on household expenditures. She also studies the geographical and temporal evolution of intergenerational mobility in Canada compared to the United States with an aim to better understand the causal relationship between education and mobility.

She has published in several major economic and human capital journals, in addition to having received more than $9M in research grants since 2014 (including SSHRC and FRQSC).

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CIRANO Publications by Catherine Haeck

As an author

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Le Québec économique 9 : Perspectives et défis de la transformation numérique

Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, Benoit Dostie, Genevieve Dufour, Fabiano Armellini, Benoit A. Aubert, Catherine Beaudry, Conrad Boton, Simon Bourdeau, Mario Bourgault, Bryan Campbell, Pierre Cléroux, Jean-Claude Cloutier, Patrick Cohendet, Marie Connolly, Christophe Danjou, Daniel Forgues, Luc Godbout, Pierre Hadaya, Ben Hadj, Catherine Haeck, Georges Hage, Ivanka Iordanova, Daniel J. Caron, Carolyn J. Hatch, Laurent Joblot, Michel Magnan, Philippe Marchildon, Robert Normand, Ingrid Peignier, Robert Pellerin, Nathalie Perrier, Giulia Piantoni, Érik Poirier, Louis Rivest, Michaël Robert-Angers, Annie Royer, Laurent Simon, Laurence Solar-Pelletier, Dalibor Stevanovic, Nasrin Sultana, Ekaterina Turkina, Luc Vinet, Thierry Warin, Majlinda Zhegu and 39 other authors

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Le Québec économique 9 - Chapitre 10 - Point de vue sur l’accessibilité aux données des administrations publiques

Catherine Haeck and Marie Connolly

Innovation and Digital Transformation

The Distribution of COVID-19 Related Risks

Patrick Baylis, Pierre-Loup Beauregard, Marie Connolly, Nicole Fortin, David A. Green, Pablo Gutiérrez-Cubillos, Samuel Gyetvay, Catherine Haeck, Tímea L. Molnár, Gäelle Simard-Duplain, Henry Siu, Maria teNyenhuis, Casey Warman and 8 other authors

Skills, Covid-19, Economy and Health

Favoriser l’acquisition en capital humain durant la pandémie : un investissement rentable pour l’emploi et la croissance économique

Catherine Haeck, Robert Lacroix and Claude Montmarquette

Covid-19 and Work

Professions et industries : quels sont les risques de transmission de la COVID-19 ? Un outil pour faire face à la deuxième vague

Pierre-Loup Beauregard, Marie Connolly and Catherine Haeck

Covid-19 and Economy

CIRANO Projects

Scoping Review of Knowledge on the Cost-Benefit and Effectiveness of Environmental Interventions on Healthy Eating

Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, Catherine Haeck, Stéphanie Lessard, Jeremy Schneider

Differences in performance, achievement, and graduation between boys (men) and girls (women) and differences in disciplinary distributions

Catherine Haeck, Robert Lacroix, Claude Montmarquette, Richard Ernest Tremblay


Air pollution and cognitive development of young people

Catherine Haeck, Martino Pelli, Charles Séguin


Fostering Human Capital Acquisition During the Pandemic: A Profitable Investment for Jobs and Economic Growth

Favoriser l’acquisition en capital humain durant la pandémie : un investissement rentable pour l’emploi et la croissance économique - Publié le September 3, 2020

Catherine Haeck, Robert Lacroix, Claude Montmarquette


Numeracy and labour market

Raquel Fonseca, Catherine Haeck, Genevieve Dufour

Education, Human Capital, Labour Market

Workforce modelling in the health and education sectors

Catherine Haeck, Marie Connolly

Education, Health, Human Capital, Human Resources, Demography

Social mobility in quebec and the role of universities

Marie Connolly, Catherine Haeck

Labour Market, Education

Quebec's Family Policies Evaluated on the Basis of the Employment Income Trajectories of Parents and Childless Women and Men

Les politiques familiales du Québec évaluées à partir des trajectoires de revenus d’emploi des parents et des personnes sans enfant - Publié le March 17, 2020

Catherine Haeck, Marie Connolly, Marie Mélanie Fontaine

Evaluation Of Projects, Programs and Public Policies, Social Policies

Study of the relationship between intergenerational income mobility and socio-economic characteristics during adolescence

Étude du lien entre la mobilité intergénérationnelle du revenu et caractéristiques socioéconomiques durant l’adolescence - Publié le February 24, 2020

Catherine Haeck, Marie Connolly, Anne-Charlotte Latour

Labour Market, Human Resources, Human Capital, Education