L’impact de l’usage de technologies numériques sur l’évolution des pratiques de travail en gestion de projets lors de la pandémie de la COVID-19 : leçons de l’expérience

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, several new work practices have emerged at all levels of organizations. In this rapport, we analyze the evolution of the work environment for project managers who are responsible for coordinating their teams and maintaining constant communication with different stakeholders using new information and communication technologies. More specifically, we have identified the main perceived changes in project management practices during the period of confinement and physical distancing. Through a mixed survey strategy collecting quantitative and qualitative data, we collected 112 stories about perceived changes. Our analysis reveals changes in four project management practices (communication management, change management, schedule management and stakeholders’ engagement) and a single change for project governance practice (decision-making process). These transformations seem to create negative impacts on teams, projects, and organizations. But some participants report benefits related to remote working and use of new technologies. It seems that people are accepting this new way of working. However, it seems that organizational structures and standards must also evolve to adapt themselves to the current context. We conclude the report with a series of recommendations for organizations carrying out projects.

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