Synthèse critique d'expériences de partenariats public-privé

Synthèse critique d'expériences de partenariats public-privé analyzes the performance of seven national and international partnership initiatives between the private and public sectors (PPP), which include: the construction of the Millau Viaduc in France; the construction of the Confederation Bridge in Prince Edward Island; the construction of the Fredericton – Moncton Highway in New Brunswick; the construction of Highway 407 in Ontario; water management in Moncton, New Brunswick; water management in Hamilton, Ontario; and water management in France. The case study makes it possible to highlight the advantages and disadvantages associated with the various models and also to establish the major success factors. This report concludes with a list of recommendations for decision-makers.

A complete version of this report is available on the Web site of Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor."

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