La multiplicité des ancres de carrière chez les ingénieurs québécois : impacts sur les cheminements et le succès de carrière

The career anchors model proposed by Schein allows to stress the great variety of talents, motivations and values within homogeneous professional groups. However, how to interpret scores obtained in the various anchors does not make unanimity. This model postulates that an individual possesses only a single dominant anchor, which lead numerous researchers to deduct that it is necessary to retain only the career anchor with the highest score to operationalize the concept of dominance. Nevertheless reality seems to indicate that some individuals possess several strong anchors, posing the question of the multiplicity of anchors and of the interpretation of scores. Using a sample of 900 Canadian engineers, this study shows that the multiplicity of anchors, here called undifferenciation, is more frequent than we think, that it is not a pathological phenomenon and that it allows to better identify an unstudied career path, that is to say the hybrid career path.
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