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Organizational governance, financial statement analysis and business valuation, corporate social responsibility, financial and non-financial reporting, accounting standards


A CIRANO Researcher and Fellow since 2003, Michel Magnan is Professor and the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Corporate Governance at the John Molson School of Business of Concordia University.

Holding a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Washington (Seattle), his research, teaching and professional interests encompass financial reporting, financial statement analysis, governance, executive compensation, ethics and the environment, and corporate disclosure.

His academic career spans over 30 years. He is the author or co-author of more than 100 papers that have been published in academic and professional journals and has presented his work at several conferences in America, Europe and Asia. He is currently Consulting Editor of Contemporary Accounting Research, Section Editor of the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences and Associate Chief Editor of Revue française de gouvernance d’entreprise. He is a member of the Canadian Accounting Standards Board as well as a Fellow at CIRANO.

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CIRANO Publications by Michel Magnan

As an author

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Les fusions institutionnelles - Fondements théoriques, enjeux et défis de mise en oeuvre

Jean-Philippe Meloche, Michel Magnan and Marie-Soleil Tremblay


Damage Control: Earnings Management by Firms Facing Product Harm Crises

Like Jiang, Michel Magnan, Lixin (Nancy) Su and Shafu Zhang


Real Regulatory Capital Management and Dividend Payout: Evidence from Available-for-Sale Securities

Michele Fabrizi, Elisabetta Ipino, Michel Magnan and Antonio Parbonetti


Règles budgétaires touchant les dépenses consolidées

Bryan Campbell, Michel Magnan, Benoit Perron and Zabiullah Tarshi


Vers une analyse intégrée des marchés financiers québécois

Bryan Campbell and Michel Magnan

CIRANO Projects

Negative interest rates: a consequence of COVID-19

Michel Magnan, Robert Normand

Financial risks

Institutional Mergers: Theoretical Foundations, Issues and Implementation Challenges

Les fusions institutionnelles - Fondements théoriques, enjeux et défis de mise en oeuvre - Publié le July 20, 2020

Jean-Philippe Meloche, Michel Magnan, Marie-Soleil Tremblay


Comparative Analysis of the Positioning of Québec's Financial Sector: Recent Trends and Challenges

Michel Magnan, Bryan Campbell, Robert Normand, Phillipe De Tilly

Industrial Cluster

Comparative evaluation of innovation models

Bryan Campbell, Michel Magnan, Robert Normand, Robert Turgeon


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