International Agri-food Trade and Agricultural Policies, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Production Economics and Producer Behavior, Market Structure


Lota D. Tamini holds a Ph.D. in economics from Université Laval. He is an Associate Professor in the Agri-Food Economics and Consumer Sciences Department, Food Science Department, Université Laval, Director of the Ph.D. Program in Agroeconomy and Director of the Ph.D. program in Agroeconomics, and Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in International Trade and Investment (CISITI). He is also a member of the Egg Industry Economic Research Chair and a regular member of the Centre for Economics Research on the Environment, Agri-food, Transportation, and Energy (CREATE).

His research focuses on international agri-food trade and agricultural policies, environmental and natural resource economics, production economics and producer behavior, market structure, animal health and production.

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CIRANO Publications by Lota Tamini

As an author

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Factors Explaining the Hypothetical Bias: How to Improve Models for Meta-analyses

Baoubadi Atozou, Lota Tamini, Stéphane Bergeron and Maurice Doyon


Enhanced Microfinance Services and Agricultural Best Management Practices: What Benefits for Smallholders Farmers? An Evidence from Burkina Faso

Lota Tamini, Ibrahima Bocoum, Ghislain Auger, Kotchikpa Gabriel Lawin and Arahama Traoré


CIRANO Projects

Investment in innovation, total factor productivity growth and international trade of Quebec manufacturing SMBs

Lota Tamini, Alphonse G. Singbo

Innovation, Strategy and International Economy, Digital Transformation

Innovation activities and export performance of Canadian small and medium-sized agri-food firms

Lota Tamini, Aristide B. Valéa

Agriculture, Innovation

Sustainability assessment framework adapted to the reality of Quebec bio-food sectors/sectors

Lota Tamini, Bernard Korai, Laurence Poulin, Wajdi Hellali, Bignon Aurelas Tohon


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