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Econometrics, macroeconomics, finance


A CIRANO Researcher and Fellow since 2001, Benoit Perron is Full Professor in the Department of Economics at Université de Montréal.

Hlding a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University, his research interests are financial and macroeconomic data modelling and the development of inference tools. His recent work has focused on the use of factor models and multi-horizon forecasting.

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CIRANO Publications by Benoit Perron

As an author

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Modélisation de règles budgétaires pour l’après-COVID

Bryan Campbell, Michel Magnan, Benoit Perron and Molivann Panot

Covid-19 and Taxation and Fiscal Policy

Règles budgétaires touchant les dépenses consolidées

Bryan Campbell, Michel Magnan, Benoit Perron and Zabiullah Tarshi


Bootstrap prediction intervals for factor models

Silvia Gonçalves, Benoit Perron and Antoine Djogbenou


The scale of predictability

Federico M. Bandi, Benoit Perron, Andrea Tamoni and Claudio Tebaldi


Bootstrap inference in regressions with estimated factors and serial correlation

Antoine Djogbenou, Silvia Gonçalves and Benoit Perron

CIRANO Projects

Modeling budgetary rules in the context of the post-COVID era and the return to a balanced budget

Modélisation de règles budgétaires pour l’après-COVID - Publié le January 28, 2022

Bryan Campbell, Benoit Perron, Michel Magnan

Simulation, Public Finance

Food autonomy and price volatility: an international comparison

Michel Poitevin, Benoit Perron


Impacts of a proposed regulation on the housing market

Bryan Campbell, Robert Normand, Benoit Perron, Ghislain Noubissie Pougom

Municipal Affairs, Evaluation Of Projects, Programs and Public Policies, Social Policies