Le Québec économique 10 - Chapitre 16 - Point de vue. Gérer en mode hybride : occasions, défis et conditions de succès

While it's difficult to predict the future, it appears that after the massive mandatory use of telecommuting during the pandemic, both employers and employees are showing interest in different forms of telecommuting, referred to as hybrid. It's therefore necessary to take a step back and plan ahead to ensure that the hybrid work arrangement chosen will be optimal and properly managed. This chapter begins with a review of the literature on the variety of hybrid telework practices and their main advantages and limitations. Next, we present the conditions for success that must be met to ensure that hybrid work meets the three basic needs of people at work, namely their needs for autonomy, competence and relationships. The satisfaction of these needs is important because it's linked to attitudes and behaviors sought at work (motivation, well-being, commitment, etc.) as well as to individual and collective performance.

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