Contagion émo-décisionnelle : projet d'étude par économie expérimentale

Currently, economic environment is unbalanced, it has become changing and uncertain. In this context, a formal analysis is not sufficient to make a decision. Indeed, decision makers meet difficulties to produce sophisticated tools in a way as fast as the environment evolution. The various instruments and methods established of decision-making, such as software of recruitment, choices of management methods being more and more quickly exceeded and obsolete. In a wild competition framework, the organization and its decision makers must make fast and effective strategic decisions. Vis-a-vis this established fact, the decision makers could sometimes copy the decisions of the others. This 'copy' can follow a cognitive process, but also purely irrational and unconscious. Thus, our study is focused on the concept of emo-decisional contagion which tends to describe a 'mass copying', as describing by Slovin et al. (1999) in their study of the impact of the contagion in the banking environment. According to us, in an undeniable way, the contagion leading the organizational leaders to copy their competitors or their similar is dependent of the emotions and their contagiousness. Thus the emotion is considered as a dimension of organization and it leaders decision making. For this purpose, this paper, after having described the role of the emotional contagion in the strategic and managerial decision-making, exposes the model of research.
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