Que reste-t-il du rapport de la Commission sur le déséquilibre fiscal?

This paper analyses two questions of a survey undertaken by the polling firm CROP between the 20th and 31st of January 2005. The questions presented in this paper on polling concern Quebec's perception of fiscal imbalance. “Fiscal imbalance” is the idea that the federal government disposes of too much revenues considering it responsibilities while the situation is the opposite with regard to provincial governments. The first question seeks to determine the adhesion of Quebec's population to this idea and the second is about the idea of transferring fiscal spaces to the provincial governments. The authors also present the answers to these questions by linguistic affiliation and political allegiance of those polled. Among others things, the authors observe that in spite of billions of dollars having been transferred to provincial governments through the 2004 health agreement, the idea of fiscal imbalance has gained ground among Quebec's population since the period of the Fiscal Imbalance Commission activities (2002). Moreover, a high proportion of the population subscribes to the principal recommendation of the Commission which was the transfer of fiscal “spaces” to the provincial governments.
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