Rôle des pratiques d'empowerment et de rémunération sur la performance des ressources humaines : un enjeu méthodologique

The purpose of the present study is to verify three main hypothesis with a sample of 252 Canadians organizations: 1) does empowerment bundle and compensation practices bundle individually have an influence on the human resources performance?; 2) does the fit or the synergy between these two bundle of practices significantly improve the performance of human resources?; and 3) does the methodological approach used have a significant impact on the results? The findings show that the level of mobilization of the personnel is more predicted by the stronger fit of each bundle of practices (empowerment or compensation). However, the results show that the level of turnover is better explained by the fit between these two bundle of practices (empowerment and compensation). In addition, the findings support partially the hypothesis of the interchangeability of the statistical methods used to capture the concept of intra (inside) and inter (between) fits in field of strategic human resource management.
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