L'engagement organisationnel et les comportements discrétionnaires: L'influence des pratiques de gestion des ressources humaines

In this study, realized with 536 French Canadian employees, we examine the perceived influence of four Human Resource Processes (information-sharing, empowerment, competencies and recognition) on the organizational commitment and the discretionary behaviors, on the one hand, as well as the role of the organizational commitment (affective and continuance) in the motivation to mobilize some discretionary behaviors at work. The results of the regression analysis reveal that discretionary behaviors are more strongly mobilized when the employees have a strong level of affective attachment towards the organization. In addition, our results show that the perception of a high level of autonomy and influence in the work and the possibility of using his or her competencies have a strong independent positive influence on the mobilization of discretionary behaviors. Finally, this research highlights the predominant role of the non-monetary rewards and of procedural justice practices in the development of affective attachment with the organization and motivation of employees to mobilize for the success of the organization.
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