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Laure Saulais, a CIRANO researcher, is an associate professor in the Department of Agri-Food Economics and Consumer Sciences at Laval University and a researcher at NUTRISS Research Center within the Institute of Nutrition

Holding a dual educational background as an agri-food engineer (AgroParisTech, France) and as an economist (M.Sc. in environmental and natural resource economics from Université Paris X and Ph.D. in economics from Université Pierre Mendès France/Grenoble II). She also holds a habilitation to direct research from Université Claude Bernard/Lyon I. Prior to joining Laval University, she worked for ten years at the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center in France, where she created and was responsible of a research group in behavioral economics of food.

Her research, within the field of behavioral economics, is mainly based on experimental approaches and explores the transition towards food system sustainability at the level of individual decision-making. Her works address a broad range of topics, from the design of behaviorally-informed interventions towards more sustainable consumption models, to decision-making in response to agri-food innovation and public policies.

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