Environmental and natural resource economics, experimental economics


Dr. Rondeau joined the Department of Economics at UVic in 1999 where he is currently professor.

Dr. Rondeau specializes in the study of environmental and resource management issues and mechanism design applied to environmental valuation, the study of public goods and resource markets.

Dr. Rondeau is recognized nationally and internationally in the field of environmental and resource economics. He is a co-editor of Environmental and Resource Economics, the official journal of the European Association of Environmental Economists. He is is also an associate research fellow of CIRANO and a research associate of CREATE, a research institute in the economics of the environment, agriculture, transportation and energy at Laval University in Quebec City.

His research has been published in internationally recognized economic journals, including: Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Journal of Public EconomicsAmerican Economic Journals: Microeconomics; Journal of Economic Behavior and OrganizationEconomics LettersCanadian Journal of Economics; American Journal of Agricultural EconomicsExperimental Economics; Agricultural and Resource Economics Review; and Resource and Energy Economics and in the top journals in the field of environmental and resource economics: the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management; Environmental and Resource Economics; Resource and Energy Economics; and Land Economics.

Two of Dr. Rondeau’s papers have received academic awards. His 2012 paper with Christian Vossler and Maurice Doyon on the role of incentive compatibility in environmental valuation (American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2012) received the 2022 publication of enduring quality award from the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society. His paper with Jon Conrad on the optimal management of abalone colonies afflicted by a virus was selected as the best paper published in Marine Resource Economics in 2015. 

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CIRANO Publications by Daniel Rondeau

As an author

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Revisiting the Gap Between the Willingness-to-Pay and Willingness-to-Accept for Public Goods

Christian A. Vossler, Stéphane Bergeron, Maurice Doyon and Daniel Rondeau

Experimental Economics and Environment

Évaluation expérimentale d’enchère à prix aléatoires appliquée aux droits d’exploitation de la forêt québécoise - Rapport II : Modes de ventes aux enchères en situation d’un acheteur unique

Daniel Rondeau, Maurice Doyon, Pascal Courty and Alex Oswald

Sustainable Development, Inequality and Distribution of Income, Experimental Economics, Strategy and International Economy, Simulation and Digital Transformation

Simultaneous Allocation of Bundled Goods Through Auctions: Assessing the Case for Joint Bidding

Daniel Rondeau, Pascal Courty and Maurice Doyon