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26 février 2021

Impact of Tax Reforms in Applied Models: Which Functional Forms Should Be Chosen for the Demand System? Theory and Application for Morocco

When researchers and policymakers conduct impact analyses of economic reforms, especially fiscal reforms, the specification of the household demand system becomes crucial. There is a trade-off between using demand systems simple to manipulate but less realistic and other systems that are more realistic but often more complex and difficult to estimate or calibrate. In this paper, we compare the results from two different demand systems: a simple one, the Cobb-Douglas (CD), and a more complex one, the Constant Difference Elasticity (CDE). We develop an hybrid method of estimation - calibration based on the estimation of the parameters and elasticities of a QUAIDS system and on the calibration of those of the CDE system using a cross-entropy approach. The estimates obtained are introduced into a micro-simulated partial equilibrium model to approximate the impact of the VAT reform on poverty measures in Morocco. We show that when the simulated shocks are moderate, the gain of using a CDE system instead of a CD system is marginal but, when these shocks are stronger, the differences become significant and increase. Then the use of these models can lead to different results when evaluating public policies and their impacts on poverty measures.

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Attitudes envers la vaccination contre la COVID-19 et niveaux de détresse psychologique de la population du Québec : Analyse des déterminants socio-économiques de ces deux enjeux

Charles Bellemare, Sabine Kröger et Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin

Covid-19, Économie expérimentale et Santé

The Retail Gasoline Price-Fixing Cartel in Québec

Marcel Boyer


COVID19 and Seasonal Adjustment

Barend Abeln et Jan P.A.M. Jacobs

Covid-19, Économie et Santé

Mitiger les impacts économiques du vieillissement sur la croissance et les recettes publiques : la piste du redosage fiscal

Bertrand Achou, Yann Décarie, Luc Godbout, Pierre-Carl Michaud, Julien Navaux, Suzie St-Cerny et 1 autres auteurs

Démographie, Fiscalité et taxation et Simulation