Mesure des années de vie ajustées par la qualité de vie globale au Québec : le 13-MD

The increasing demand on health systems combined with the scarcity of available resources makes it imperative to optimise them through informed choices. The concept of quality-adjusted life year (QALY) arises in this purpose and uses health-related quality of life (HRQoL) instruments, including generic instruments. However, many differences can be noted between those instruments. The general observation is that almost all generic instruments contain one or more dimensions related to physical health (e.g., disability, discomfort, pain) at the expense of other mental or social dimensions. To overcome this limitation, a new instrument has been created, aiming to be a more comprehensive and balanced measure of global health-related quality of life (GHRQoL). This report presents the key steps in the creation of this instrument as well as the results obtained in measuring the GHRQoL of Quebeckers in spring 2021. A new generic instrument, the 13-MD, composed of 33 items with 5 to 7 levels each, was thus developed. The creation of a value set allowing the conversion of health states into utility scores will allow its use in cost-utility analyses.

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