Les travailleurs des plateformes numériques de transport de personnes et de livraison de repas au Québec : profil et motivations

This study has two objectives: a) to establish a profile of workers who use a digital transportation and/or meal delivery platform in Quebec and b) to analyze the motives underlying their engagement in work on a digital platform. The structure of the analyses is as follows: in the first part, based on a literature review, we present the characteristics of platform workers and various types of motivations for engaging in platform employment. We also outline the methodological protocol and the data underlying our analyses. In the second part, using secondary and unpublished statistical data, we draw a portrait of workers hired on passenger transport and meal delivery platforms in Quebec, highlighting in particular the specificities of the young worker population. In the third part, by analyzing interview data, we present a typology of the motivations invoked by young Quebecers aged 18 to 34 to work on the Uber and Uber Eats platforms. In conclusion, we will summarize the significant findings from the analyses.

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