Mieux comprendre le niveau d’adoption des cryptoactifs au Québec

Summary of results

Cryptoassets are growing exponentially within the global economy. Crypto-currencies represent the main component of cryptoassets, the best known of which is Bitcoin. Cryptoactives share many of the features of cryptocurrencies but there is usually a second layer of functionality such as smart contracts. Crypto asset technology certainly presents new opportunities but also risks. In this context, it is important for a regulator to better understand the level of adoption of cryptocurrencies by the population in order to guide information campaigns and warning messages. In this exploratory research project several data acquisition methods were used. A review of surveys from different organizations on the level of knowledge and profile of cryptoasset users in several countries was conducted. For Quebec, specific questions on cryptocurrency knowledge and adoption were added to the 2021 and 2022 CIRANO Barometer surveys that poll the Quebec population on societal issues. To refine the analysis, a sample of investors who own or have owned crypto-currencies, who are members of crypto-currency discussion groups were surveyed. Finally, an algorithmic review showed very clearly an increase in the number of academic publications on the subject, especially associated with the technology. In addition, the topic of cryptocurrencies has been increasingly covered by the mainstream media, which has generated attention and awareness among the population and especially on social networks. Analysis of Twitter conversations showed that the number of tweets, which was stable until December 2020, increased significantly and focused on the change in the price of cryptocurrencies and often with recommendations to buy and sell.

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