Le Québec économique 10 - Chapitre 17 - Une meilleure répartition des activités entre les travailleurs de la santé : état de la situation, contraintes et facilitants

The organization of Quebec's health care services is based on a group of health care workers called upon to collaborate in order to meet the health needs of the population. Sharing care activities and making better use of resources are seen by many as part of the solution to the problems of efficiency in the health care system. Based on interviews with key stakeholders, this chapter reviews the status of shared care activities among physicians, nurses and orderlies and identifies the environmental factors that influence the distribution of activities among these individuals. It also identifies the care-related activities that have the potential to be transferred or delegated in the current context of care environments experiencing relative labour shortages, as well as the conditions and strategies that promote the implementation of these ways of doing things. Finally, it provides food for thought on the scope and gains for the health system of new organizational scenarios associated with more efficient activity sharing.

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