Le Québec économique 10 - Chapitre 12 - Détecter les compétences émergentes en utilisant l’information contenue dans les offres d’emploi : une courte introduction à l’utilisation de textes en économétrie

With recent developments in data science, researchers from all disciplines now have access to analysis tools that were once considered very sophisticated. This chapter provides an example by illustrating how textual analysis techniques can be used to paint a picture of the skills in demand in the labor market using the content of job postings obtained online. The proposed method makes it possible to quickly process the information contained in hundreds of job postings without a human reader having to read each one of them, and without having any prior knowledge of the market studied. The information obtained is used in the estimation of an econometric model aimed at detecting emerging skills. Such an exercise provides a portrait of a specific labour market, providing important support to decision-makers to ensure the adequacy between the labour market and the training offered in educational institutions. Some limitations of the proposed approach, particularly with respect to sample selection, are discussed, and avenues for future research are proposed.

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