Le Québec économique 10 - Chapitre 8 - Le rendement d’un diplôme universitaire au Québec en 2015 : taux individuels et sociaux

This text presents estimates of private and social rates of return to education associated with various graduation levels, various undergraduate majors, and two employment sectors. It makes use of 2016 Census microdata to calculate earned and lost income (2015) and other data sources to calculate direct disbursements. Once these rates of return are presented and the impact of a change in tuition examined across all employment sectors, various missing elements in the analysis are addressed and, in particular, the effect of an increase in the university labor force's share of the total labor force on its compensation (monetary externality) is examined. The conclusion presents an intertemporal comparison (2000-2015) of the evolution of private and social rates of return to an undergraduate degree.

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