Le Québec économique 10 - Chapitre 4 - Point de vue. Marché du travail québécois : entre résilience et inquiétudes : analyse de l’évolution du marché du travail avant, pendant et après la pandémie.

In order to provide a comprehensive and nuanced picture of the major employment trends in Quebec, the Institut du Québec (IDQ) has created an index that assesses the health of the labour market along several dimensions. Twelve indicators have been grouped under two composite indices - labour market strength and job quality - in order to establish the most accurate diagnosis possible and to monitor trends. An analysis of the evolution of the labour market based on this index indicates that, at the beginning of the pandemic, job quality had progressed considerably in Quebec and the strength of the labour market had reached a peak. The pandemic slowed this progress and exacerbated structural issues already at work, including the effects of an aging population. While the labor market has shown considerable resilience, concerns remain. This chapter presents the evolution of the labor market from 2016 to 2021 through the lens of the IDQ Employment Index and offers some insights to enhance the analysis and track the labor market's adaptation to current and future challenges.

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