The government policy sector focusses on studying the major challenges confronting Quebec today and tomorrow, such as: economic development and evolution of the collective wealth; evaluation of policies and programs related to social development and government finances; concerns regarding the funding of pensions; and broad orientations and issues in the area of pricing of services and public goods.

CIRANO also studies demographic changes in order to assess their potential future impacts on education programs, healthcare system, workforce, and social and housing policies, etc. CIRANO’s work allows it to partake in and enlighten the public debate surrounding the underlying and current policy issues, as well as the possible future direction of government policy in Quebec.

A Notable Impact

  • The first comprehensive study of government debt in Quebec – a study that continues to influence the budgetary orientation of governments in power.

  • The considerations and analysis that led to the Government of Quebec’s rejection of the “35-hour work week” as a means of combating unemployment.

  • A significant contribution to the establishment of the Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP), an innovation in the landscape of pension plans in Quebec.

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