22 June 2021

CIRANO - ADRIQ - Quebec Innovation Council Innovation Forum : Measuring the performance of innovation

On June 17th, the CIRANO - ADRIQ - Quebec Innovation Council Innovation Forum was co-organized by Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, CIRANO CEO, Pascal Monette, ADRIQ CEO and Luc Sirois, Quebec Chief Innovator. Marie-Chantal Chassé, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economy and Innovation was present. Henri Paul Rousseau, CIRANO Invited Fellow, gave the opening conference : “Learn to imitate well to better innovate”.

Bringing together more than 80 representatives of numerous governmental and industrial/corporate organizations as well as researchers, this Forum was an opportunity to discuss the measurement of innovation performance and the best indicators to use or develop to better measure the progress of innovation in our society. We organized 4 workshops in parallel:

  1. The measurement of innovation in companies (led by Albert de Lucas, Michèle Sawchuck (ADRIQ) and Genevieve Dufour (CIRANO))

  2. Indicators of innovation ecosystems (led by Catherine Beaudry (CIRANO and Polytechnique Montréal) and Marc-André Saint-Yves (CIQ))

  3. Macro-economic indicators related to innovation (led by Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin (CIRANO and Polytechnique Montréal) and Henri-Paul Rousseau (CIRANO and HEC Montréal)

  4. Measuring social innovation (facilitated by Marie-Claude Lagacé Humanov-is)

This is a first step in preparing for the Innovation Summit to be held in the fall. Thank you to all the participants for their contributions and reflections. The discussions and work will continue.

For more information –> https://www.cirano.qc.ca/en/events/1014