22 December 2020

In memory of Claude Castonguay

Photo Credit: QMI Agency


CIRANO Researchers would like to pay tribute to Claude Castonguay, former Minister of Health, Minister of Family and Social Welfare, Minister of Social Affairs. During his long career, he has had many mandates. In particular, he was President of the Committee of Experts on Drug Insurance in 1995-1996 and President of the Working Group on the Financing of Quebec's Health System in 2007-2008.


Mr. Castonguay was an example of rigor and perseverance that touched the entire research community.


Claude Castonguay was a CIRANO Invited Fellow between 2007 and 2013 when he wrote his book Santé : l'heure des choix.


Mr Castonguay has contributed to the reflections of CIRANO Researchers on issues of health and demographic change.


He has published several articles and reports on pensions and health financing. He was one of the authors of the book Le Québec économique 2010 : Vers un plan de croissance pour le Québec.


We invite you to consult his biography.


We will all remember him as a distinguished man.


Our most sincere thoughts go out to his family and friends.