03 October 2018

A newly released book written by a CIRANO Researcher offers a new vision of management

Delphine van Hoorebeke, Maître de conférences, habilitée à diriger les recherches, at the University of Toulon and CIRANO Associate Researcher, is the author of a new book published by ISTE editions: The Management of Living Beings or Emo-management.


This book discusses research that has been conducted on the role of emotions in management, regarding psychological domains, neurology, sociology, management and the economy. The book also presents concrete examples of the intervention of emotions in day-to-day management.


Historically described as being in favor of rationality, emotions in a company are well-established. E-motion is, in this work, unveiled as indispensable to the holistic vision of the individual and of groups. This notion is still not widely considered but can nevertheless be a paradoxical factor of acceptance; of the rejection of change; of wellbeing, such as in the case of health problems; and of aid in decision-making, such as with decisional bias.


The latter, though infectious, is an inseparable element of human relationships. Its emo-management is essential to individual and group management, collaborative work and the creativity of a group, including in a context as specific as remote work.


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