04 March 2024

The CIRANO study on ADHD still in the news

In an article in La Presse, Francis Vailles looks at the difficulties faced by children in elementary schools in Quebec and cited the CIRANO study conducted by Catherine Haeck and Philip Merrigan, both professors at ESG-UQAM and Fellows CIRANO. The study highlights the issue of ADHD overdiagnoses.

Based on unpublished data from the RAMQ, including the medical service records of nearly 800,000 young people born between 1996 and 2005, Catherine Haeck and Philip Merrigan, professors at ESG-UQAM and CIRANO Fellows, and two colleagues from UQAM draw unequivocal conclusions about the extent of the phenomenon of ADHD overdiagnoses and sound the alarm on this issue of great concern.

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