24 October 2023

Technological education in Quebec: research project and forum on the subject

The massive and highly varied use of technologies, and the increasingly important role of creative processes in their design, call for a thorough rethinking of technology training curricula. In addition to basic skills in literacy, numeracy and the use of technology, training that prepares students to recognize and analyze technological problems, work collaboratively and develop the skills inherent in the design process is now essential if we are to evolve in an increasingly technological society.

Recently, Minister Bernard Drainville announced the revision of Quebec's primary and secondary science and technology curricula, which is over twenty years old.

→ A Forum on technology education in Quebec organized by CIRANO and ÉTS on November 16, 2023, during which specialists in the field will address the following questions:

  • Does technology education meet society's current needs?
  • Are teachers adequately prepared to teach technology?
  • Are the teaching materials available to Quebec teachers adequate?
  • Does current teaching inspire students' interest in studying technology-related careers?

→ A research project on technology education in Quebec to better understand the current situation and identify practical perspectives and suggestions for future education initiatives.

Annie Savard, professor at McGill University and CIRANO Fellow, and her team are leading a CIRANO project entitled «Formation des enseignants du primaire et du secondaire en Éducation technologique : État des Lieux et recommandations». 

To feed the project, several questionnaires have been set up to enable members of the education community to take an active part in the work: