19 April 2023

Claude Montmarquette Experimental Economics Laboratory

Claude Montmarquette, Professor Emeritus at Université de Montréal, researcher and Fellow of CIRANO, was one of the pioneers of experimental and behavioural economics in Canada. His work had a significant impact in the fields of economics and public policy. He was known for his use of experimental methods to inform economic policy.

In 2000, after several stays in Europe and the United States during which he trained in experimental economics, he decided to create an experimental economics laboratory at CIRANO, one of the first of its kind in Canada. 

In order to pay tribute to him and to perpetuate his legacy, we renamed the CIRANO laboratory as « Claude Montmarquette Experimental Economics Laboratory ».


Huan Xie, full professor at Concordia University and Sabine Kröger, full professor at Laval University are the researchers in charge of the Claude Montmarquette Experimental Economics Laboratory. They supervise and animate the activities that take place throughout the year. Thank you for your investment and your work!

(Huan Xie, Sabine Kröger and Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin)