08 March 2023

Publication of the book « Les plateformes de travail numériques », collective book under the direction of Mircea Vultur

Micea Vultur, full professor at INRS, CIRANO researcher and Fellow, directed the editing of the collective book « Les plateformes de travail numériques. Polygraphie d’un nouveau modèle organisationnel ». The book launch will take place at the Université de Montréal as part of the 90th ACFAS Conference on May 9, 2023.

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Over the past ten to fifteen years, digital work platforms have grown significantly in different industries, such as human transportation and meal delivery, or in the form of a multitude of microtasks performed online. Hundreds of thousands of workers are currently involved in this new gig economy. How important are digital platforms and what do they mean for the world of work? Do they threaten to supplant traditional employment relationships based on legally regulated contracts? Are they compatible with the promises of autonomy and freedom that constitute their brand image? What is the situation experienced by platform workers?

This book attempts to answer these questions from an international and multidisciplinary perspective. Sociologists, economists and jurists, specialists in the field, draw a striking portrait of the economy of digital platforms, analyze the effects of their development on ways of living work and raise new questions and social issues for public action.