25 February 2023

CIRANO is pleased to contribute to the Quebec Innovation Barometer

The Quebec Innovation Barometer, an initiative of the Quebec Innovation Council, aims to draw a portrait of innovation in all its forms and to follow its evolution through interactive data, studies and relevant analyses. Ultimately, it will be a tool to support informed decision-making and guide efforts to improve Quebec's innovation performance across all its regions.

CIRANO is proud to contribute to the development of this tool based on four pillars: economy, employment and human capital, environment and social innovation. Several CIRANO researchers have participated in the production of two publications on labour and human capital and on the economy.


  • Labour and Human Capital

This blog post, produced in collaboration the Commission de partenaire du marché du travail, offers a comprehensive reflection on the best indicators available to highlight key elements related to human capital and skills, in addition to identifying indicators that have the potential to guide on issues and avenues of solutions regarding the labor shortage. 

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  • Economy

This post offers a reflection on the best indicators available to account for the economic dimensions of innovation and, ultimately, provide reliable measures of the evolution of productivity in Quebec and the progression of living standards.

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