15 February 2023

The various facets of hybrid work: First results of a longitudinal survey on job performance and satisfaction

The pandemic forced many workers in Canada to work remotely. Today, many continue to work remotely, at least in part. This new "hybrid" organisational mode offers employees greater flexibility. What are the advantages and limitations of hybrid working? How can the benefits of hybrid work be optimised while taking into account the basic needs of people at work?

A CIRANO team composed of Ali Béjaoui, professor at the Université du Québec en Outaouais, Sylvie St-Onge, professor at HEC Montréal, Ingrid Peignier, CIRANO's Senior Director of Partnerships and Research Valorization and Felix Ballesteros Leiva, professeur à l'Université Laval is conducting an innovative longitudinal study that provides evidence to help employers in their decision-making regarding work organization.

The first results of the first phase of the project, based on data collected from over 10,000 employees in Quebec, were published in a CIRANO PERSPECTIVES. The survey is continuing with a second phase of collection.