07 November 2022

Luc Godbout, Jean-Philippe Meloche and François Vaillancourt at the Forum on Municipal Taxation

Luc Godbout, professor at the University of Sherbrooke, Jean-Philippe Meloche, professor at the University of Montreal and François Vaillancourt, professor at the University of Montreal, all three researchers and CIRANO Fellow, participated in the Forum on municipal taxation organized by the City of Montreal and held on November 7 at the Biodome.

This event brought together about one hundred members from the municipal, economic, community, environmental, cultural and academic sectors, as well as the transportation and housing sectors. The objective was to establish guiding principles for the next steps in the new fiscal and budgetary framework. The forum provided an updated and collaborative view of the metropolis' roles and responsibilities, its budgetary limits, and the importance of fiscal and territorial equity. 


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