07 June 2022

CIRANO launches a new research theme: Inequality and Poverty

CIRANO's research has been enriched with the creation of a new theme: Inequality and Poverty, which has been added to the nine existing themes in order to better reflect the work carried out in this field at CIRANO. 

These 10 Major Themes and 4 Federative Poles are interrelated, they allow multidisciplinary and transversal research and foster research collaborations between researchers from CIRANO's 12 partner universities but also from institutions in the rest of Canada, the United States and Europe. 

The work carried out in this new theme focuses on the various issues of inequalities between individuals: inequalities of opportunity, inequalities of income and wealth, inequalities in financial preparation for retirement, inequalities in access to the labour market, and gender inequalities. The intergenerational transmission of inequalities, social mobility - or lack of it -, the issues of guaranteed minimum income or inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth, including the macroeconomic and distributive impacts of taxation will also be addressed.