16 November 2021

Launch of the project « AI AND SUSTAINABLE FINANCE »

How will artificial intelligence (AI) help financial and investment institutions in the evaluation and communication of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria of their investments?

The November 16 event was a launch of the « AI and Sustainable Finance » project, a partnership of Algora Lab, CIRANO and Fin-ML, which addresses this issue in two ways:

→ ESG Impact Assessment through AI : funded by CIRANO as part of its research partnership with the Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation du Québec (MEI) under the direction of Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin (Polytechnique Montréal and CIRANO Fellow and researcher) and Manuel Morales (Université de Montréal). This component includes researchers from CIRANO, Université de Montréal, École Polytechnique, Concordia University and Axionable partner.

 → Ethics and Responsible Finance : funded by a grant from the Observatoire International sur les impacts sociétaux de l’IA et du numérique (OBVIA) and supervised by Professors Marc-Antoine Dilhac (Université de Montréal) and Manuel Morales (Université de Montréal), bringing together researchers from Université de Montréal, École Polytechnique, HEC Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke, as well as partners Finance Montréal, the Caisse de Dépôt and Placement du Québec.