Workshop on CO2 pricing and sectoral complementary policies

Climate policies are multi-faceted: along with carbon pricing, multiple targeted sectoral policies are now being launched. Carbon pricing is developing worldwide, notably via the implementation of markets for emission permits (like the ones operating in Europe and California-Québec). Complementary policies include R&D subsidies, production subsidies (for renewable energies, electric vehicles, etc.), technical standards (e.g., the CAFE standards in the US transportation sector), infrastructure deployment (such as the FCEV in the EU and California), and urban planning. These policies aim at facilitating the transition towards a low carbon economy. Yet, whether they enhance or hinder the efficiency of climate policy is debatable. Critics say they constitute inefficient additions, if not substitutes, to carbon pricing; proponents, on the other hand, argue that they are necessary to make climate policy effective in the long-run.

The objective of the workshop is to clarify the rationales for these additional policies, their overlap and interaction with carbon pricing, and the optimal design of a consistent and comprehensive climate policy. 

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