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Webinaire Bourstad : Les choix de carrière pour les diplômés dans l’industrie des services financiers

Monday 6 May 2024
From 7PM To 8PM

In this webinar, expert Benoit Desgroseillers, Vice-President of Talent Development at Finance Montréal, and other representatives of the Bourstad project sponsors will present the different careers that the financial services industry offers to graduates of the three levels of education, and the pathways that lead to them.


This event willl be held in French.

Bourget, Paul
Projects Director
MBA, Finance and Information Systems, McGill University
BAA, Marketing, HEC Montréal
Desgroseillers, Benoit
Vice President - Talent Development, Finance Montréal
Honorary President, Concours Bourstad 2024
La Haye, Mélissa
Senior Institutional Client Manager, Corporation Fiera Capital

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