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Webinaire Bourstad : La gestion de portefeuille dans une simulation Bourstad

Tuesday 20 Feb 2024
From 7PM To 8PM

In this webinar, experts Ian Gascon, President of Placements Idema and winner of the 1998 Bourstad competition, and Kelly Trihey, CFA, CEO of Trihey Financial Group, will explain how to manage a financial portfolio to grow a set of securities.


This event willl be held in French.

Bourget, Paul
Projects Director
MBA, Finance and Information Systems, McGill University
BAA, Marketing, HEC Montréal
Gascon, Ian
President, Placement Idema
Trihey, Kelly, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Gestion de Patrimoine Trihey, un partenaire de IA Gestion privée