Transport Planning and Policy, Healthy Cities, Physical Activity and Active Transportation, Public Transport, Travel Behaviors and Built Environment, Social and Environmental Justice


Ugo Lachapelle is a professor-researcher at the Department of Urban and Tourism Studies at ESG UQAM. He is also Director of the Centre de recherche sur la ville (CRV) and represents UQAM on the Executive Committee of the Réseau Villes Régions Mondes (VRM) since June 2018. Ugo Lachapelle is a member of the In.Situ Chair which is part of the CRV and he is also collaborating on various other research projects with Priscilla Ananian, Florence Paulhiac, Hien Pham and Georges Tanguay, professors in the Department of Urban and Tourism Studies at UQAM and members of the CRV and VRM. His areas of expertise include: transportation planning and policy; healthy cities, physical activity and active transportation; public transport; travel behaviors and built environment; social and environmental justice.
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