Computable general equilibrium models and social accounting matrices, matrix balancing and adjustment methods, construction of regional statistics


A CIRANO Researcher and Fellow since 2013, André Lemelin is Honorary Professor at the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS).

Holding a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University, he is mainly interested in Computable General Equilibrium (CGCM) models.

He was Professor in the Department Economics at Université Laval (1978-1983), before joining the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS).

He was co-head, with Bernard Decaluwé of Université Laval, of the design and development of a calculable general equilibrium model of Quebec for the Ministère des Finances du Québec, with the collaboration of the Institut de la statistique du Québec (2000-2005).

He is also a co-author of the CGE models of the PEP standard series and is a resource person in the Partnership for Economic Policy's Modeling and Policy Impact Analysis (MPIA) program.

He has also developed an expertise in the development of regional statistics: thus, in collaboration with the Institut de la statistique du Québec, he has devised a method that ISQ applies annually to estimate the GDP by industry of the administrative and metropolitan areas.

Based on his experience, he has since 2015 been developing a computable dynamic sequential general equilibrium model of the regions of Quebec (in partnership with Véronique Robichaud).

Finally, André Lemelin has published a manual of quantitative methods applied to urban and regional studies, in Spanish and French (e-book), the result of 14 years of teaching to students more focused on a qualitative approach to research.

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CIRANO Publications by André Lemelin

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CIRANO Projects

The socio-economic impact of international students' participation in post-secondary education in Quebec

Ali Béjaoui, François Vaillancourt, André Lemelin, Genevieve Dufour, Véronique Robichaud

Education, Immigration, Human Capital

Reflections for Quebec's recovery: changes in international trade, investment and labour productivity

Réflexions pour la relance du Québec : productivité de la main-d’œuvre, investissements et mutations du commerce international - Publié le September 3, 2020

Jean-Denis Garon, Étienne Lalé, André Lemelin, Julien Martin, Florian Mayneris, Charles Séguin, Dalibor Stevanovic, Sophie Osotimehin

Labour Market, Human Resources, Strategy and International Economy, Work

MEGBEC model transfer project

André Lemelin, Véronique Robichaud