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Université Paris Nanterre and École polytechnique (France)
+33 (0)1 40 97 47 66
+33 (0)1 69 33 30 13
Ph.D., Economics, Université Lyon 2 (France)
Department of Economic and Social Administration (AES) and Department of Economics
Université Paris Nanterre and École polytechnique (France)
Co-director of the Center for Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment (Chaire FDIR)
Domain(s) of interest
Sustainable Development, Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility and Finance, Green Growth, Biased Technical Change
Former graduate of the École Normale Supérieure in Cachan and Ph.D. in Economics, Patricia Crifo is a professor at the Université Paris Nanterre and at the École polytechnique. She is also a member of the Economic Council for Sustainable Development (CEDD), member of the Socially Responsible...

List of scientific publications at CIRANO by Patricia Crifo

Code Publications
2014s-39 WP Sandra Cavaco, Patricia Crifo, Antoine Rebérioux et Gwenaël Roudaut. Independent directors: less informed, but better selected? New evidence from a two-way director-firm fixed effect model
2014s-34 WP Patricia Crifo, Marc-Arthur Diaye et Sanja Pekovic. CSR related management practices and Firm Performance: An Empirical Analysis of the Quantity-Quality Trade-off on French Data
2014s-37 WP Patricia Crifo, Marc-Arthur Diaye et Rim Oueghlissi. Measuring the effect of government ESG performance on sovereign borrowing cost

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