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Associate Fellows
Lebanese American University (Lebanon)
Ph.D., Applied Economics, HEC Montréal
Associate Professor
Department of Economics, Adnan Kassar School of Business
Lebanese American University (Lebanon)
Domain(s) of interest
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Applied Game Theory
Walid Marrouch has a Ph.D. in applied economics from HEC Montréal. He is an associate professor and is currently the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at the Lebanese American University (LAU). He is actively involved in academic research in addition to consultancy work for a number...

List of scientific publications at CIRANO by Walid Marrouch

Code Publications
2018s-34 WP Ghassan Dibeh, Ali Fakih et Walid Marrouch. Labor Market and Institutional Drivers of Youth Irregular Migration: Evidence from the MENA Region
2017s-04 WP Ghassan Dibeh, Ali Fakih et Walid Marrouch. Decision to Emigrate Amongst the Youth in Lebanon
2014s-29 WP Itziar Lazkano, Walid Marrouch et Bruno Nkuiya. Adaptation to Climate Change: How does Heterogeneity in Adaptation Costs Affect Climate Coalitions?
2013s-36 WP Ali Fakih et Walid Marrouch. Who hires foreign domestic workers? Evidence from Lebanon
2011s-30 WP Justin Leroux et Walid Marrouch. Bargaining with Linked Disagreement Points
2011s-32 WP Walid Marrouch et Amrita Ray Chaudhuri. International Environmental Agreements in the Presence of Adaptation
2008s-04 WP Walid Marrouch et Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné. Regulating Man-Made Sedimentation in Riverways

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