Labour Economics, Personnel Economics, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Public Economics


David Masclet has a Ph.D. in Eeconomics from the Université Lumière-Lyon-II, and is Full Professor at the Department of Economics, Université de Rennes 1 (France) and research fellow at CREM (Centre de Recherche en Économie et Management. He is also Vice Président and founder member of the French Association of Experimental Economics (ASFEE) and Director of LABoratoire d'Expérimentation en Économie et Management (LABEX-EM), Research Platform of Université Rennes 1.

Davis Masclet is a specialist in behavioural and experimental economics. His main fields are personnel economics and public economics.
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CIRANO Publications by David Masclet

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Educational Attainment, Wages and Employment of Second-Generation Immigrants in France

Gabin Langevin, David Masclet, Fabien Moizeau and Emmanuel Peterlé

Education, Immigration and Labour Market

Comment réduire la fraude fiscale? Une expérience sur le signalement

David Masclet, Claude Montmarquette and Nathalie Viennot-Briot

Taxation and Fiscal Policy and Social Policies

Competitive Preferences and Status as an Incentive: Experimental Evidence

Gary Charness, David Masclet and Marie-Claire Villeval


Threat and Punishment in Public Good Experiments

David Masclet, Charles N. Noussair and Marie-Claire Villeval

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