International finance, monetary economics, time series


A CIRANO Researcher and Fellow since 1998, Simon van Norden is Full Professor in the Department of Finance at HEC Montréal. He is also a member of the Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en économie quantitative (CIREQ) and a visiting scholar at the FRB Philadelphia.

Holding a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his research interests are international finance and monetary economics.

Simon van Norden spent three years in the HEC’s International Business Department and nine years at the Bank of Canada. He has done some adjunct teaching at WBS and ETH Zurich, and he is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Business Cycle Research. He occasionally does technical consulting via his firm Ergodic Quantitative Consulting Inc.

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CIRANO Publications by Simon van Norden

As an author

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Fiscal Surprises at the FOMC

Dean Croushore and Simon van Norden

Taxation and Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Forecasts at the FOMC: Evidence from the Greenbooks

Dean Croushore and Simon van Norden

Taxation and Fiscal Policy

Estimates of Québec’s Growth Uncertainty

Simon van Norden

Risk Management

Modeling Multivariate Data Revisions

Jan P.A.M. Jacobs, Samad Sarferaz, Simon van Norden and Jan-Egbert Sturm


Trend-Cycle Decomposition: Implications from an Exact Structural Identification

Mardi Dungey, Jan P.A.M. Jacobs, Jing Jian and Simon van Norden